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Privacy Policy

Avriy takes its customer’s privacy very seriously. That is why we make sure to collect and process your information under the limitations provided by law. We attend to your personal information by following all the confidentiality protocols and share it only in the given below conditions. 

Using Your Information

We use your information for the following purposes

  • To process orders
  • To make your user experience with Avriy personalised by navigating your digital footprint and user trends  
  • To deliver relevant content
  • Marketing Purposes

Avriy would like to send you updates on our new collection and other sales and marketing updates. However, the customer has the right to discontinue the thread of marketing communication channels any time they want. Avriy ensures all its customers regarding the safety of their personal information as the company protects your data on a secure server at all times. 

The Type of Information Avriy Collects

Avriy collects your basic personal information such as your name, email address, billing address, and telephone number.  Avriy may also collect your browsing information such as URL, IP address, domain types like .ae and .com), your browser type, the country, and telephone area code where your computer is located, the pages on that were viewed during your visit, any advertisements you may have clicked on, and any search terms entered on the website. Note that Avriy may share this information with the third-party providers. 

In a position that Avriy has been asked to share your personal information by a law informant government body, note that the company will abide by the orders as per the law and will hand over the required information about the customer. 

Use Of Cookies 

Avriy uses cookies for the purpose of retargeting. The technology helps the company to reapproach the customer by reading their digital presence and behavior. The company uses the technique to enhance their services and create a more customised user experience for you.

Through Re-targeting technology, we can display the recently viewed advertisements about the related products on our partners’ websites. This means that we target audiences as per their likes and dislikes and display our ads to more specific people as per what they want to see by analysing their online behaviour. This set of information, however, is entirely generalised and holds no specific personal details about any individual what so ever. 

Avriy may use third party mediums for advertising. For this purpose, we use cookies to analyse what kind of advertisements are liked by the customers the most. Each individual advertiser utilizes its own tracking cookies, and the data taken from these is not confidential or interchangeable. 

Customers can deny permission to track them through cookies any time by using built-in options on their browser.

However, your refusal to use cookies may affect Avriy. By using Avriy, you consent to data being processed about you by Google in the manner and for the purposes set out above. Users can opt-out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.

Customer Financial Information 

Your financial credit/debit cards’ details are highly confidential and will not be shared, stored, or sold to any third parties. 

Merchant will not pass any debit/credit card details to third parties

Merchant takes proper steps to guarantee data privacy and security through multiple hardware and software mediums. However, Avriy cannot assure the protection of any information that is revealed online.

The merchant is not liable for the privacy policies of websites to which it links. If you give any personal data to such third parties, it will lead to the application of various rules regarding the collection and use of your personal. 

Avriy reserves the right to make changes in the  Policies and Terms & Conditions of this website. We can, at any point, alter, edit, or update from time to time without any prior or post notice to fulfill the requirements and standards. We suggest all our customers and visitors visit these sections to be updated with our policies frequently. All modifications will apply on an immediate effective basis. 

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